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(This is Not official Website of Jame Publishing. We receives discounts and compensation from the about companies whose products or services we review.)

About James Publishing

 James Publishing coupon code

James Publishing is a US based publishing company that provides relevant books for business, employment, estates and trusts, social security disability etc. Since 1981, James Publishing has been providing inexpensive and time saving books for lawyers, doctors, families, employees. They are also providing model questions, practice tips, client letters and much more!

Products & Services:

They possess a remarkable specialization in the following areas since ages.

  • Business
  • Criminals
  • Employment
  • Estates and Trusts
  • Family
  • Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Social Security Disability

Each of their products has a vast range of books that covers specific area.

Need to buy a book? Order now!

If you really like any of their books and want to buy it, simply hover to the chosen book and click on ‘Add to cart’. You can add multiple books in shopping cart just by clicking ‘Add to cart’ for more.

Cart products can be managed anytime by going to ‘Cart’ tab, located at top right of the website. If you want to shop more, go to ‘Shop’ tab. Proceed to checkout after checking your items on cart.

If you are buying multiple books from one category i.e. business, try to look for a bundle package. Bundle packages are on sale and you get a discount on rates of each bundle. Like, if two books are worth $208, you can get it for $166.40 on bundle package sale.

You must create your account in order to buy a book; that way, you can easily track your order by entering your billing email address and order ID.


James Publishing provides different options to their customers for shipping. They deliver products via United Parcel Service –UPS, one-day airmail, two-day airmail, ground mail. All of the mailing procedures have appropriate service charges that you may check during checkout process.

Customer Service & Support:

You can drop your questions to James publishing by filling out a form through their ‘Contact page’. You will need to choose contact department for your type of query from drop-down menu, i.e. Webmaster, Customer Service –books, Getting Published, Join our team and Editorial.

To chat with their team member online, navigate to right bottom side of website (you will find a pop-up message; click on it). If they are not available, you need to fill out information; your question and their professional representative will get back to you immediately.

Alternatively, you can directly talk to their team member by calling their office @1-866-72-2637. They provide their customers with best of their support.

Why buy James Publishing Books?

The collection of Books by James publishing are very informative and worth their price. You just imagine your problem and the solution is there in James publication. All you have to do is to select the book relevant to your problem.  You will find complete range of books on criminals’ trial and Social Security disability, which are very helpful for lawyers. Litigation books help attorneys to engage in legal proceedings. You can use Dacuda pocketscan to scan the law book

The collection of books is always much appreciated by their customers and has really helped them in their problems. Therefore, I think, James Publishing has a solution to your problem; you must try it!

Latest James Publishing Coupon Code

Save 35% off on James Publishing legal books.

Use James Publishing promo code “DIGITAL35” at checkout!


(James Publishing Coupon Code)

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